Past Activities - Label History

In 1994, two ordinary music-loving office workers came up with an idea, and a demo tape (cassette) -only non-genre indie label called μ-NEX Label (abbreviation for MUSIC NETWORKS) started.

At that time, in the early days of the Internet, we were soliciting tracks through personal computer communication (BBS) and the website (site name μ-NEX NET). And μ-NEX Label released 7 demo cassettes and 1 CD-R album by 1996.

The CD-R album released on μ-NEX Label was titled "SLEEPING YOUR BRAIN" by aKiraYamaMoto. It became a super rare limited edition of 10 copies (honestly, I don't even know where it is anymore). By the way, aKiraYamaMoto later changed the name to PENANCE and became the memorable first release of FORM@ RECORDS.

In 1996, I originally liked techno pop and electric pop around the 1970s and 1980s, and I also liked techno and house since 1990. And because I liked Warp's Artificial intelligence series and detroit techno, especially Black Dog and Kirk Degiorgio, and genres such as electronica and IDM have appeared, I closed the μ-NEX Label and started anew as FORM@ RECORDS. I decided to do it.


The FORM@ RECORDS logo was such a face logo. In fact, this logo was used until the label's 7th VIRGO "Remnants".


At first, FORM@ RECORDS was a techno label with only demo tapes (cassettes). Produced 6 demo cassettes in a year, and finally started producing a pressed CD album.

In 1997, the label released the previously written album "cure of soul" by aKiraYamaMoto under the name of PENANCE. At that time, he was a junior at my office, making music as a hobby and making soundtracks for indie games.

By the way, I'd like to introduce it someday, but he and I have a unit called "ISO9000", and one track is included in Demo Tape Vol.5 of μ-NEX Label. It was the first track I made and it was a house that used a lot of breakbeats. After that, I will be devoted to label producer.

Oh yeah, the current logo of FORM@ RECORDS has changed from the remix album "Re-Form Ver-1.0" released in 1999.

The label never got off to a good start. There were some techno indie labels that preceded Japan, but unnamed listening techno such as Intelligence Techno, Pure Techno and Bedroom Techno, such as FORM@ RECORDS, were not very well received.

However, VIRGO's first album "Landform Code" released on the label's third album was a hit, and at that time, he entered the indie chart of VIRGIN MEGA STORE in Kyoto and was interviewed by magazines. Also, I will use this as an opportunity to contact a CD or 12inch review in a music magazine.


The label entered a period of suspension for several years with the remix album "Re-Form Ver-1.0" released in 1999, and was revived with "ward seeds" in 2003, but since then it has been suspended again and continues to the present.

by Eisei Yorimitsu (FORM@ RECORDS owener)