[FRMT012] VIRGO - night works EP

released Aug 1 , 2024


(C) 2024 Yasutaka Sato


All Tracks by Yasutaka Sato


Concept provided by Eisei Yorimitsu (FORM@ RECORDS)


  1. after dark
  2. nigh
  3. still night
  4. haven
  5. lucid dream


We are proud to present VIRGO's new mini-album.

This was made possible by an offer from FORM@ RECORDS to release a selection of "night" themed tracks from VIRGO's vast collection of unreleased new tracks.

He graciously agreed and five great tracks were chosen.


We hope you have a great night.

[FRMT011] Darren Nye - Formation

released July 9 , 2024


(C) 2024 Darren Nye


All Tracks by Darren Nye


Art work By Darren Nye


  1. Emulated Sunrise
  2. Opsix II
  3. Formation
  4. Dusk
  5. Reach Out To The Sky


He creates a warm deep sound with lush pads,  and detroit style rhythms and intricate melodies that are reminiscent of the UK style of the 90's which gives the listener insight of his inspiration throughout the years, he began his journey into music production in 1995 and he says that those times were very special to him and wants to bring this sound to modern day.

[FRMT010] VIRGO - standalone

released June 24 , 2024


(C) 2024 Yasutaka Sato


All Tracks by Yasutaka Sato


Art work By Yasutaka Sato


  1. lunar phase
  2. tera comit
  3. morph
  4. far
  5. life form
  6. ancient valley
  7. giant tree
  8. fault line out
  9. geoid
  10. amber light
  11. analemma
  12. landscape


25 years have passed since their second album in 1999, and in 2024, VIRGO has finally released their third album. Moreover, it is composed of completely new original tracks.

It is a digital IDM sound that is an extension of their second album "Remnants". We hope that their fans will enjoy the timeless sound that doesn't feel like there has been a 25-year gap at all.

[FRMT006CD/LTD/UT] Fossil - Green Tectonics -Tek Of 606 Remix-

released March 20, 2022


(P) & (C) 1999 FORM@ RECORDS

Track by Yasutaka Sato, Yuji TECHNOuchi


  1. Green Tectonics -Tek Of 606 Remix-

A track produced for the FORM@ RECORDS remix album "re-form ver-1.0" and not recorded on the CD. An extremely rare track that was released only on the CD attached to the Japanese club music magazine "GROOVE".

A track remixed by Tek Of 606, also known as Missing Project, Mr.YT, Yuji TEHCNOuchi, etc., from "Green Tectonics" provided by VIRGO's alias Fossil to "ART FORM 2".


released January 26, 2022


(C) 2022 FORM@ RECORDS / Yasutaka Sato

Track 1,2,3,5: (P) 2004 Nophi Recprdings "VIRGO / ooparts (phi022)"

Track 4: (P) 2000 Ryoondo "V.A. / Garden Path (DES010)"


  1. clonical
  2. ooparts
  3. time stretch
  4. chronos
  5. monument


A selection album that includes only the tracks provided by VIRGO for the compilation released on the Japanese indie label "Ryoondo", and the tracks released on the label Nophi Recordings sponsored by Randy Garcia, known as R_Garcia. There are very rare tracks that is difficult to obtain.

[FRMT008CD] Various - warm seeds

released August 8, 2003


(P) & (C) 2003 FORM@ RECORDS


Designed by Tadayasu Ueno (momomo)

Art work by seesleep


  1. Radio / Miki Kuwabara
  2. New Era / VIRGO
  3. Unconscious Moment / Hironori Nagatsuma
  4. Early Morning / C6
  5. Old Home / Tadayasu Ueno
  6. Melodrama / Butsugan
  7. Bloom / C6
  8. Reaktor / Shreber Harber Mole Flying Wheel
  9. Orel / Tadayasu Ueno
  10. Ier / Muffrare
  11. Nocturne / VIRGO
  12. Incircuit / Magnetic-o
  13. Ninty / Morin
  14. Rain / Miki Kuwabara


The latest label, four years after the previous one. The electronica element becomes stronger, and it is a listening compilation from ambient to click-type minimal, folktronica, and experimental.

VIRGO represents the label that has released two full albums. Miki Kuwabara, who also participates in the Fuzz Box compilation in the United States. Buttsugan recorded in the compilation "DOCUMENTO-RADIO SAKAMOTO" selected by Ryuichi Sakamoto's RADIO SAKAMOTO audition. Shreber Harber Mole Flying Wheel, which has also been released from U-Cover in Belgium. Acoustic group Muffrare who was also in charge of mastering this work.

[FRMT007CD] VIRGO - Remnants

released February 15, 1999


(P) & (C) 1999 FORM@ RECORDS

Music by Yasutama Sato


Art work By Akihiro Yamamoto (NeoKraft)


  1. Falling Seed
  2. Round On Cirque
  3. Utia
  4. Prelude
  5. Mesa
  6. Tower Of The Dual World
  7. Lost In Blue
  8. Ivied Sculptuer
  9. Remnants
  10. Starlight


It's been a year since the previous work "LANDFORM CODE", which was evaluated as the best compilation album as a debut album and became the label's biggest hit. Finally the second album was released. The quality of the album is higher in terms of sound and content, and although it is in the field of listening techno, it is finished as an album that feels a spread beyond the category. A pure techno sound that you can listen to for a long time, not just an acoustic work that sticks to skill, but also an easy one that repeats endlessly. To all music fans.

[FRMT006CD/LTD] Various - Re-Form Ver-1.0

released September 30, 1999


(P) & (C) 1999 FORM@ RECORDS


Art Work by Yuji TECHNOuchi


  1. POISSON D'AVRIL -Da' Future Given A Deep Soul Mix- / MISSING PROJECT
  2. FIRST EPILOGUE -Tek of 606 Remix- / VIRGO
  3. BALLOON -I.D. Remix- / TENSOR
  4. CURE OF SOUL -Fossil Mix- / PENANCE
  5. PROXIMA SCOPE -Zanzibar Mix- / VIRGO
  6. 713AW -Dendrobium Remix- / LED-M


Artists inside and outside the label can freely remix the tracks released by FORM @ RECORDS so far! Missing Project by Yuji TECHNOuchi who released as many as 5 singles from R&S under the name of Mr.YT and Disposable. Hideyuki Eto released the first Japanese single from Synewave NY known as Damon Wild. Machine Funk, which has been recognized by Kenny Larkin. VIRGO and DENDROBIUM have already released albums from FORM@ RECORDS. A gorgeous artist called DJ LEFTBROWN's solo Misty Fuzz, which is also released as an ambient unit MAG-NET-WALKER, participates. Best works that transcend genres from house, minimal to abstract and ambient.

[FRMT005CD] Various - Art Form 2

released August 24, 1998


(P) & (C) 1998 FORM@ RECORDS


Art Work By Akihiro Yamamot (NeoKraft)


  1. Insense / CIRCLE LIMIT
  2. 713AW / LED-M
  3. Poisson D'avril / MISSING PROJECT
  4. Clear Columns / VIRGO
  5. Solor Eclipse / TENSOR
  6. Moment of the Decay / TEK OF 606
  7. In the End of the Trip / MISTY FUZZ
  8. Green Tectonics (VIRGO mix) / FOSSIL
  9. Snow Bird / MODERN LIVING
  10. Balloon / TENSOR
  11. Cubby / TOH CHISEI


The second compilation of FORM @ RECORDS. Although this work hasn't decided on a particular direction, it's a wonderful album that naturally gathers pure things and far surpasses the previous work.

[FRMT004CD/SA] DENDROBIUM - Combination EP

released August 3, 1998


(P) & (C) 1998 FORM@ RECORDS





  2. A.E.


The first memorable release of FORM @ RECORDS'new series "SLIT ART" is a EP by Kentaro Magari who also participated in the compilation "ART FORM 1". Even though it is a EP, the content is enough to be called an album. Raw sound sampling system abstract, heads thing. A group of high-quality songs that can be listened to, unlike those that pursue only maniac like other labels.

[FRMT003CD] VIRGO - Landform Code

released January 26, 1998


(P) & (C) 1998 FORM@ RECORDS

Music by Yasutama Sato


Art work By Akihiro Yamamoto (NeoKraft)


  1. Arcadia
  2. System For Zodiac
  3. Remains
  4. Stroma
  5. Monochrome Sky
  6. Proxima Scope
  7. Diadem
  8. Ancient Architects
  9. Stroma Trite
  10. The Creation Of Typology
  11. Nostalgia
  12. Last Moment


VIRGO's first album that received high acclaim for providing "First Epilogue" to the compilation "ART FORM 1". Rather than making it for this album, it is the best compilation album selected from the songs that VIRGO made after 1994. The atmosphere is intentionally unified in order to give the whole album a VIRGO feel. It is one of the few masterpiece albums of listening techno in Japan.

[FRMT002CD] Various - Art Form 1

released August 24, 1997


(P) & (C) 1997 FORM@ RECORDS


Art work By Akihiro Yamamoto (NeoKraft)


  1. Rover / MAG-NET-WALKER
  2. Gently Drifting / TENSOR
  3. Dreamers Notion / MINERVA
  4. Jupiter / SOUTHER
  5. Ethereal / DENDROBIUM
  6. Slope / MAG-NET-WALKER
  7. First Epilogue / VIRGO
  9. Sweet Memories / LED-M
  10. Marine Snow / PENANCE


The second FORM @ RECORDS is the first compilation album. There is no particular musical concept such as techno or ambient, and I think that you are the first artist to hear it, but it contains tracks by artists who will be active in the early FORM @ RECORDS. Of course, the label concept is that it is a song that you can listen to and enjoy.

[FRMT001CD] PENANCE - cure of soul

released April 30, 1997


(P) & (C) 1997 FORM@ RECORDS

Music by aKiraYamaMoto


Art work by Akihiro Yamamoto (NeoKraft)


  1. cure of soul
  2. memories of embyo
  3. hole
  4. emergency
  5. end of darkness
  6. rain and life
  7. next


FORM @ RECORDS The first memorable release is the first album of solo unit PENANCE by aKira Yamamoto. Created under the grand theme of "human life and death that revolves forever," this work is not just an ear-friendly healing music, but also incorporates ambient techno elements. It's a work that you can keep listening to for a long time so that it doesn't end with a fad. One piece that I would like people who have not experienced ambient to listen to.