VIRGO solo by Yasutaka Sato, who has been providing high quality tracks to the label since the launch of FORM@ RECORDS.

I like the style based on intelligent and pure techno without being swept away by the times, and the actual evaluation is high. After providing one track for his compilation album "ART FORM 1", he collected songs selected from the huge stock he had accumulated in the past and released his first album "LANDFORM CODE". This album has been featured in many magazines and has received great acclaim not only from reviewers but also from listeners. At Virgin MEGASTORE in Kyoto, it sold well enough to enter the indie chart. It is also the only album sold out at the moment, and the original version is rare.


After the release of the first album, he provided one track for "ART FORM 2", released the long-awaited second album "REMNANTS" in 1999, and participated in the compilation of Ryoondo Chabo together with Ryo Arai in 2000.

In 2003, FORM@ RECORDS restarted and released the compilation "warm seeds" for the first time in 4 years, providing track with exactly the same taste as before. In 2004, he released a selection album "ooparts" on Randy Garcia's label Nolphi Recordings.


And in 2024, he returned to the forefront with his new album, "Standalone."

VIRGO Interview by loud 08.1998 (Japanese)
1990s. An interview article with VIRGO by the magazine "loud", which has introduced the early Japanese club scene along with "REMIX" and "Ele-king". This is the only time that an artist from FORM@ RECORDS will be interviewed later or earlier.
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