News · 24. June 2024
25 years have passed since their second album in 1999, and in 2024, VIRGO has finally released his 3rd album. Moreover, it is composed of completely new original tracks. It is a digital IDM sound that is an extension of their second album "Remnants". We hope that their fans will enjoy the timeless sound that doesn't feel like there has been a 25-year gap at all.

News · 01. November 2022
I received an announcement for the first time in a while from Lee Norris' label Fantasy Enhancing. I was relieved that VIRGO's second album REMNATNS was still included in the lineup for the upcoming release. I feel like the actual release is going to be a long time away, but let's wait patiently. Until then, FORM@ RECORDS will not distribute it. Also, if there are any label owners who would like to reissue my label's album outside of REMNANTS, please contact me. I gladly accept the offer.

News · 21. May 2022
We were selling CDs worldwide on this site and Bandcamp, but due to the influence of COVID-19, the shipping method is very limited, it takes time to arrive, and there are troubles that do not arrive. Due to the occurrence, we decided not to ship worldwide. We are really sorry for the fans of FORM@ RECORDS. It may resume when the situation calms down, so thank you again at that time. In addition, we will continue to sell downloads on Bandcamp. In addition, CDs will continue to be shipped within...
Media · 27. March 2022
GROOVE 03/1999 "Mesa" from "REMNANTS" of VIRGO was recorded on the CD attached to the March 1999 issue of GROOVE magazine. Of course, because it is linked with DECLARA TIO OF JAPANISM, the label is also introduced. SHIFT Vol.27 An interview with VIRGO was published in the online magazine "SHIFT Vol.27" of the online techno shop SHIFT TECHNO to commemorate the release of "REMNANTS". The site is already closed and cannot be viewed.

Media · 27. March 2022
GROOVE 11/1999 The remix album "re-form ver-1.0" is introduced in the disc review of the November 1999 issue of GROOVE magazine. GROOVE 01/2000 The appendix CD of the January 2000 issue of GROOVE magazine contains a remix track of Fossil by Tek Of 606, which was not included in the remix album. It can only be heard on this GROOVE.

Media · 27. March 2022
Loud 09/1998 It was taken up as a disc that could not be introduced in the main in "Release Information" at the end of the Essensial Release section of the September 1998 issue of Loud magazine. It's like an introduction.

Media · 27. March 2022
GROOVE 09/1998 "A.E." from "COMBINATION EP" of DENDROBIUM was recorded on the CD attached to the September 1998 issue of GROOVE magazine. Of course, because it is linked with DECLARA TIO OF JAPANISM, the label is also introduced. By the way, I am in charge of the special feature of GROOVE's listening techno in this issue.

Media · 27. March 2022
GROOVE 02/1999 It was selected as one of the "Domestic Independent Label Best Disc-BEST 10 DISCS 1998" in the February 1999 issue of GROOVE magazine. By the way, I wrote a part of the special feature of this issue.

Media · 27. March 2022
REMIX 12/1997 "ART FORM 1" was featured in the DemoTape Review section of the December 1997 issue of the Japanese club magazine "REMIX". It's taken up like one of the demo tapes, but it's actually a release version, not a demo tape. It seems that the reason was that the artists recorded in the compilation in the past were featured several times in the DemoTape Review corner. Also, it is written that the distributor does not handle it easily, but after that, I got a contract with OUI...

Media · 21. March 2022
Since the 90's, Japan has had club magazines such as "REMIX", "loud", "ele-king", and "GROOVE", some of which are still being published. There is also a related magazine called "SOund & Recording Magazine" for all artists, which was a must-have magazine especially for synth artists. This is still going on. FORM@ RECORS also sent demos and release information to these five magazines every time it was released, and tried many times to see if it would be published. As a result, it has...

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