News · 14. July 2024
VIRGO's new mini-album will be released on 8/1/2024. This was made possible by an offer from FORM@ RECORDS to release a selection of "night" themed tracks from VIRGO's vast collection of unreleased new tracks. He graciously agreed and five great tracks were chosen. We think you will have a good night. Please look forward to the release.

News · 09. July 2024
[FRMT011] Darren Nye - Formation FORM@ RECORDS presents Darren Nye from England, he creates a warm deep sound with lush pads, and detroit style rhythms and intricate melodies that are reminiscent of the UK style of the 90's which gives the listener insight of his inspiration throughout the years, he began his journey into music production in 1995 and he says that those times were very special to him and wants to bring this sound to modern day. Darren is proud to bring his music to our record...

News · 06. July 2024
FORM@ RECORDS is looking for artists to join the label. It is still a small and unknown label with little recognition, so it may not sell well at first, but we will work together to make it a popular label in the future. If you are interested, please let us know your demo. We are looking forward to hearing from you.
News · 24. June 2024
25 years have passed since their second album in 1999, and in 2024, VIRGO has finally released his 3rd album. Moreover, it is composed of completely new original tracks. It is a digital IDM sound that is an extension of their second album "Remnants". We hope that their fans will enjoy the timeless sound that doesn't feel like there has been a 25-year gap at all.

News · 01. November 2022
I received an announcement for the first time in a while from Lee Norris' label Fantasy Enhancing. I was relieved that VIRGO's second album REMNATNS was still included in the lineup for the upcoming release. I feel like the actual release is going to be a long time away, but let's wait patiently. Until then, FORM@ RECORDS will not distribute it. Also, if there are any label owners who would like to reissue my label's album outside of REMNANTS, please contact me. I gladly accept the offer.

News · 21. May 2022
We were selling CDs worldwide on this site and Bandcamp, but due to the influence of COVID-19, the shipping method is very limited, it takes time to arrive, and there are troubles that do not arrive. Due to the occurrence, we decided not to ship worldwide. We are really sorry for the fans of FORM@ RECORDS. It may resume when the situation calms down, so thank you again at that time. In addition, we will continue to sell downloads on Bandcamp. In addition, CDs will continue to be shipped within...
News · 20. March 2022
A track produced for the FORM@ RECORDS remix album "re-form ver-1.0" and not recorded on the CD. An extremely rare track that was released only on the CD attached to the Japanese club music magazine "GROOVE". A track remixed by Tek Of 606, also known as Missing Project, Yuji TEHCNOuchi, etc., from "Green Tectonics" provided by VIRGO's alias Fossil to "ART FORM 2". Available only on Bandcamp. ---- [Japanese]...

News · 12. March 2022
I have uploaded a list of demo tape collections (cassettes) that were produced when FORM@ RECORDS was called FORM@ Label. I found quite a few sample sound sources, so I uploaded them. Although it is a SoundCloud site, it can only be played from the FORM@ RECORDS site. VIRGO's "Knossos" that can only be heard here. My personal favorite is VIRGO's alias Minerva's "canticle". You can see that many of the tracks recorded in the FORM@ RECORDS compilation "ART FORM 1" are also from the cassette era....
News · 12. March 2022
A list of demo tapes produced by μ-NEX Label has been posted on Past Activities.
News · 20. February 2022
VIRGO's second album "Remnants" will be re-released on Lee Norris's Fantasy Enhancing, but the original CD is still in stock. It will be sold for 1,200 yen per 1CD. If you would like to purchase, please contact me. In that case, please let me know the name of your country.

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