[Media] Media publication and evaluation of ART FORM 1

REMIX 12/1997

"ART FORM 1" was featured in the DemoTape Review section of the December 1997 issue of the Japanese club magazine "REMIX". It's taken up like one of the demo tapes, but it's actually a release version, not a demo tape. It seems that the reason was that the artists recorded in the compilation in the past were featured several times in the DemoTape Review corner. Also, it is written that the distributor does not handle it easily, but after that, I got a contract with OUI DISTRIBUTION, which is famous for Japanese techno distributors. By the way, as an evaluation of "REMIX" magazine, I have received a comment that "it is a good comp to have a sharpness for each song".

GROOVE 01/1998

"ART FORM 1" was introduced in DISC REVIEW/TECHNO of "GROOVE" magazine in January 1998. I'm glad that it is not treated as a post and is reviewed as much as other DISCs.

"It's a cool techno-listening thing. Japanese indies have a lot of strange humor, but they're running on a very straightforward good line. These functional sounds are definitely better than bad experimental ones. I like it. I carefully assemble a sound source that is sober but fresh and does not seem to exist. I hope that such trends will increase. They do not explain it as kudokudo(*), but quietly convey their will. Ken Ishii Lost sound. "

The best compliment. Thank you very much to Mr. Tatsuya Shibahara, who is famous for his techno reviewers.


(*)kudokudo = Japanese "Repeat persistently"

GROOVE 02/1998

GROOVE was introduced as a label called FORM@ RECORDS in the February 1998 issue of DECLARATION OF JAPANISM, a corner introducing Japanese indie labels. Accurate evaluations such as "Intelligent techno directly from WARP's Artificial Intelligence" and "Pursuing purely electronic sound for listening" have been made. Also, in conjunction with this, VIRGO's "First Epilogue" is recorded from "ART FORM 1" on the magazine appendix CD, and it is evaluated as "a unit that produces a really high quality pure techno sound". It's not exactly a unit, but the editorial department

Thank you, Mr. Murata of the editorial department.

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