[Media] Media publication and evaluation of VIRGO's "LANDFORM CODE"

GROOVE 02/1999

It was selected as one of the "Domestic Independent Label Best Disc-BEST 10 DISCS 1998" in the February 1999 issue of GROOVE magazine. By the way, I wrote a part of the special feature of this issue.

Sound & Recording Magazine 03/1998

VIRGO's "Landform Code" was introduced in the "MIX-News-Corner" of the March 1998 issue of Sound & Recording Magazine. "The songs are the same as the label color, high quality listening techno that is familiar to Autechre and Plaid. The reverb feeling makes you feel the pureness of the early Aphex Twin, but it is a good board that is not just imitation. They are planning to release or expand overseas. Don't neglect to check. "

It seems that he wrote it with a good feeling.

GROOVE 03/1998

"Nostalgia" from "Landform Code" of VIRGO was recorded on the CD attached to the March 1998 issue of GROOVE magazine. Of course, because it is linked with DECLARA TIO OF JAPANISM, the label is also introduced. Furthermore, from this issue, I will be in charge of writing the TECHNO section of DISC REVIEW, which introduces VIRGO's album.

REMIX 03/1998

VIRGO's "Landform Code" was introduced in TECHNO REVIEW in the March 1998 issue of REMIX magazine.

"A new work from FORM@ RECORDS, a label that mainly deals with listening techno. A work by an artist called VIRGO. It contains techno music with an infinitely pure feeling. It's a little nostalgic, a little trancey and after hours. It feels good in the middle of the music. It feels different from jazzy or house-like. Overall, it feels a little weak, but I think it has a good taste. "

Thank you to Miyuki Aoki, a techno writer.

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