[Close] :aim (エイム) 1997

A Techno and Drum'n'Bass event called Aim (: aim) held in 1997 in Ikebukuro, Tokyo. DJ set and live.


Yu-Jyu, who participated with FORM @ RECORDS on his back, is also the organizer of this event and also provides music as MAG-NET-WALKER.


By the way, the Love Sound System credited to LIVE is a unit of Ayako Tsunura and Juliano Fujiwara. Juliano is also credited to DJs. I think I released a CD at that time.


Eisei Yorimitsu (FORM@ RECORDS)


(In Japanese)


FORM@ RECORDSを背負って参加してもらったYu-Jyuさんは本イベントのオーガナイザーでもあり、MAG-NET-WALKERとして楽曲提供もしてくれています。

ちなみに、LIVEにクレジットされているLove Sound SystemはAyako TsunuraとJuliano Fujiwaraのユニット。JulianoはDJでもクレジットされてますね。当時CDとかもリリースしてたと思います。



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